Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Step one: Recognize that you need help

Going into counselling is a heavy-footed step forward. Allowing someone into your story of issues makes you vulnerable and gives a true sense of humility. Saying that "I need someone's help" is a hard thing to do. The United States being one of the most individualist countries in the world, we are all socialized into being able to take care of ourselves with maybe the allowance of few key people in ones life. Unfortunately friends and family members are too invested to be of really good help in rough times.

Today was the first day of counselling in roughly 6 months. A lot of things have happened in this time and I decided that maybe I should learn to cope better with all of my current issues. It was just an initial intake session. These are much like sitting down with someone to say "hey, so I got this can o' worms here. I just thought I might cracking into this and we can talk about it more later. It was nice really. Facing up to life's demons can be pretty hard. After a line of questioning personal issues and cracking into said can o' worms I can just set it back down for now. I however cannot deny that I opened it.

Day one of counseling: success

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